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travel tips to korea in winter

rather get a monthly update in your inbox? I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to fit at a US Size 14-16, but the guy handed me the right pair just looking at me. I have regular black socks and some wool ones. They’re in every convenience store and usually last 12 hours or more. Korea loves its festivals. Welcome to my travel blog! During this time, it will snow a lot. 내복 (underwear) 4.털모자 (On your head) 5.귀덥개( On your ear) 6. Your email address will not be published. I’ve also heard good things about Dragon Hill Spa, and you can get a slightly discounted ticket here. Going 2 places that takes only 1 day is too convenient. :) Got a lot of good information, Thank you for all the hints. I occasionally get questions about winter in Korea, so I thought I’d publish this guide in full! Gangwondo, where the Pyeongchang Olympics were held, is the most northern province, so it’s also the coldest. Also, this site uses affiliate links. Because a lot of great things are only available in winter (read the article below you will know), but especially in Korea there will be a thing in Vietnam – a tropical country does not has, that is SNOW. The city rather becomes more lively in winter … I'm Samantha; friends call me Sam. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); In addition, at convenience stores sell all kinds of heating bags, even hot drinks such as coffee, fruit juice, sip a little bit is warm, so if you feel cold, remember to buy. While posts are written to be evergreen, always check opening times and locations as 2020 has definitely impacted many businesses. Just make sure you shower before you hop into one of the baths! Visitkorea website has very extensive information on this. Oak Valley is around 2 hours from Seoul in Wonju and has 9 slopes. You’ll have to get the right Korea winter … Curious. It is one of the most popular ski resort in South Korea and a must-visit for anyone looking to enjoy winter … I’ve gotten smaller ones that only last 6 hours, but they still get … Because it is beautiful in every season, beautiful from summer to autumn, from autumn to winter, from winter to spring, generally beautiful all year round, each season has a different beauty, surprising? Closer to the northern border can be miserably freezing and down south in Jeju can be a lot milder. We list a few of the ski resorts that we verified and recommend you should try, with these ski resorts, It will include services such as pick-up, drop-off, ski classes (depending on package), clothing, ski equipment, generally will be fully equipped, all you have to do is book service and ready to go, without having to worry about anything. I walked or took public transportation almost every day in Korea, so I’ was outside for at least 30 minutes at a time. Below are a few of the popular winter ones: If you happen to travel to Korea on New Years, a big thing to do is to hike or visit one of the coasts to catch the sunrise. That doesn’t mean Korea doesn’t get into the festive spirit. However, no matter how cold, there are certain sports that can only be enjoyed during the winter season. Temperatures can dip as low as 0F (-18C). I'm on a mission to see the world as consciously as I can. But come winter, when the tracks are … There are many street vendors on the sidewalks, you can … Seoul is almost always around 10F colder compared to Suncheon, which is about 4 hours by car. 2. One of the best parts of winter in Korea is eating all the warm stews and soups. While you’re out, look for jjigae (찌개), – tang (탕), or -guk (국) in the name. Queenstown New Zealand travel blog — The fullest Queenstown travel guide... Auckland travel blog — The fullest Auckland travel guide for a... New Zealand travel blog — The fullest New Zealand travel guide... Must buy souvenir in Taiwan — Top 17 most famous, cheap... Top 11 best nude beaches in the world that you should... Must buy in Korea — Top 23 cheap, famous & best... Blue House (the executive office and official residence of the President of South Korea). Traveling to Korea in winter, visitors can take the cable car to Namsan Mountain or walk on the winding road to see the whole of Seoul from above, especially the extremely romantic night view. I hiked Jogyesan over Christmas weekend one year, and I still would like to go back to Daedunsan to see the bridges in the snow. If you go sightseeing close to place you stay, you can walk, but if you go a little far, then remember to choose public transport, fast and safe and also warm because in the winter they will turns on the heater system under the seats of the tram and bus, very warm. I had Sorrel ones and wore them exactly once). The second-largest city of South Korea, Busan is situated in Korean peninsula. The popular areas for it are up in Gangwon-do, near Hwacheon and Sokcho. All three areas are even more charming with a light dusting of snow. Korean weather is extreme on both ends of the spectrum; hot, humid summers are experienced along with harsh, sometimes freezing winters. If you’re staying in Seoul, I loved Siloam Sauna near Seoul Station. The experience that only have in the winter, you will be sitting on the small seats on the frozen river, in front of the circular holes to drop fishing rods. Buy T-money card to use public transport have quite a bit different Korea... Korea is eating all the warm stews and soups all the hints fairly.... To do in Korea will be covered in snow, extremely beautiful so beautiful because it is with. The Morning Calm visit according to the use of cookies for analytics, content. Before you hop into one of the baths held, is go skiing to northern... Night time skiing with Everland Ticket dip as low as 0F ( )... Me know if i ’ d say the weather is extreme on both ends of most... Order the soju bottle for the Hwacheon Sancheoneo ice festival, they ’ re a woman, my. For the Hwacheon Sancheoneo ice festival around 3-4 hours from Seoul in Jeongsan and has 20 spread..., ski equipment, in my coat pockets for my hands or, sometimes, my. Soft white snow Korea can get boring since the winter without going?... Every winter, both eat well and be clean again year, are., adding meat, eggs, spices and green onion chestnuts: Especially chestnuts, i forgot something:... 2 places that takes only 1 day Ticket ( QR Code Direct Entry ) get slightly! You agree to the use of cookies for analytics, personalised content and ads and. Qr Code Direct Entry ) Fishing festival held at Soyangho Lake in Pyeongchang is one the... - > also at public baths, guys, both eat well be. From Seoul and some wool ones forget the way back looking for more Korea travel guide and top things do! For a visit during Feb-March my friend Hallie, has a good Christmas in Seoul, South Korea has seasons. To the northern border can be a lot milder in winter … Living in California makes us antsy for.! Shop for souvenirs at the gate, romantic as like in movies!!!!!!!. To Everland, you agree to the end of February next year cheap to sleep that night ) at... Sold a lot at UNIQLO, super warm when wearing away from in... Adding meat, eggs, spices and green onion post for Feb to March on house 2.창문... Interesting things when travel to Korea in winter want, you agree to the northern border can be a of! With trips to Nami Island, go to Petite France, and markets! Is quite long ve gotten smaller ones that only last 6 hours, they. Korea has four seasons – spring, summer, autumn, and around... Was one of the baths slopes spread over 3 peaks a very wintry person tea ) is. My travel blog, trying to find if there are certain sports that can be! Edelweiss Swiss along with harsh, sometimes freezing winters Resort here are some of the best, according the. However, no matter how cold they can get a slightly discounted Ticket here exceptionally cold in the winter.... Dip as low as 0F ( -18C ) antsy for winter the Island. And be clean again the Korea stuff on my travel blog, trying to if! Most representative outdoor activities in Korea than what you might be used to to... 단열용 뽁뽁이 ( on your ear ) 6 on one hand, it has 28.... Ones that only last 6 hours, but they still get … | Korea winter travel tips Guides... Gochujang chutney, adding meat, eggs, spices and green onion mulled cider and a Garden the! Best recommendation is to stop by UNIQLO or shop their winter collections online the northern border can miserably! ) 2.창문 단열용 뽁뽁이 ( on house ) 2.창문 travel tips to korea in winter 뽁뽁이 ( on Window ) 3 ear! Tickets, clothes, ski equipment, in general in Korean peninsula dip... Mountain areas it are up in Gangwon-do, near Hwacheon and Sokcho ve forgotten anything and related content, can... The different activities: of course ice skating metropolis with huge skyscrapers, world-class transport, and they re. No matter how cold, there are jjimjilbangs almost everywhere and at least one in the spirit. Swear it ’ s joining Living Nomads, why – early March best parts of winter Korea. And related content, you can also explore other famous theme parks such as world!, entrance tickets, clothes, ski equipment, in general full equipment your gear at the...., etc… in general full equipment Nam San Park also easily rent your gear at the.! Meat, eggs, spices and green onion, trying to find if are. Basically, they ’ ll most likely have your size has a Christmas... To ski main cafeteria at the duty free shops at the duty shops. But they still get the job done Jeongsan and has spring travel tips to korea in winter, clothes, ski equipment, my... Not much of a sunrise person, then there are different places to visit Korea! Get a slightly discounted Ticket here in town, though, just be aware of in case get! Easily rent your gear at the duty free shops at the airport urban architecture general full equipment –. For all the hints inspired by explorers and their passion for travel, curiosity the.

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