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dutch van der linde death rdr2

Arthur and Sadie go ahead and rescue him anyway, much to Dutch's anger. Despite at times being rather brutal in his methods, Dutch would often joke around with his fellow gang members and had a kind, playful disposition. When in the face of imminent danger and gunfire while calling out the Braithwaites, for example, he stood at the head of his gang, sought little cover, and took on the family in the most direct manner possible. He can either have long hair or short hair as well, again, depending on how the player treats him. Susan was one of the original members of the Van der Linde gang, alongside Dutch van der Linde, Hosea Matthews and Arthur Morgan. Dutch orders a cannon volley that sinks the ship, and then the gang beings to fight their way to the port in order to steal a ship and get back to the mainland. He tells Arthur that Uncle, Pearson, and Mary-Beth have all fled, calling them cowards. The supposed truce meeting ultimately turns out to be a trap to catch Arthur, however, with the intention of luring in Dutch to capture him and give him to the Pinkertons. While in exile on Guarma, his appearance becomes unkempt; he has an elongated moustache and he develops stubble around his face, while his white shirt and red waistcoat that he wore for the robbery become loose and tattered. He was a mentally ill man who was manipulated by the real guy. During the fight Levi Simon holds Arthur at gunpoint, and when Dutch arrives so does Colonel Fussar who get into a standoff. John tells the American Army Captain to tend to his wounded while he faces Dutch alone. Arthur witnessed his death when he was young as well, and despite not liking his father, or knowing his mother, he kept photos for them for either comfort or fondness for them. Although he demanded that members give loyalty and do their share for the gang as a whole, he also encouraged them to be themselves, make use of their free time, and optimize their own talents and skill sets. Dutch leaves him behind without attempting any rescue, leaving it to Eagle Flies to save Arthur who dies in the process. Afterward, Dutch asks Arthur and John to investigate Shady Belle, a location originally discovered by Lenny, as a new place for camp. Mount In his early years he had a tenuous partnership with Colm O'Driscoll, but that loose friendship devolved into bitter rivalry after Dutch killed Colm's brother and Colm killed Dutch's lover. During the train heist, John is wounded, and Dutch claimes to have tried to save him. Additional info Dutch originally pretends to comply, but he then refuses and the rest of the gang ready their weapons and warn the agents to leave. Along the way, the ship sinks and the gang members ride the wreckage to a nearby shore. In the wake of killing Angelo Bronte, Dutch wanted to pull off a major score before fleeing Saint Denis. Although Bill lacked conventional intelligence, he came to value his loyalty. He, Arthur and Micah board his yacht where Dutch demands $10,000, the yacht and safe passage in exchange for Cornwall's life. My whole life, all I ever did was fight... Dutch Van Der Linde first appeared as a primary antagonist in the 2010 video game Red Dead Redemption, and returns in as a primary character in Red Dead Redemption 2. The caves lead to atop a mountain cliff where John holds Dutch at gunpoint. He only learned about the death of his mother months after the fact from an uncle of his. He, Eagle Flies, Charles and Arthur ride off and manage to steal back the horses from the Ferry. "Dutch" is not the character's legal name, however no official media references his actual given name. Dutch van der Linde was born in 1858. Despite his brutal ways, Dutch is shown to be educated and, unlike many outlaws, genuinely believes he is committing these crimes for idealistic reasons rather than greed. It is then that she demands more money, and when Dutch doesn't pay her, she pulls a knife on him. The Van Der Linde Gang vs the O'Driscolls at Little Creek River in Red Dead Redemption 2. Micah asks Dutch to come with him and take the money, but Dutch, no longer wishing to associate himself with either man, simply walks away, signifying the end of the Van der Linde gang. During the first chapter, he wears a black, knee-length winter coat and rifleman gloves, and when he attends the mayor's party, he wears a black three-piece suit and a top hat, but with his bow tie and waistcoat being an off-white silver. He tasks his long-time friend Hosea, as well as Abigail, to provide a distraction. Dutch was born in 1855[1] to an English woman named Greta and a Dutch father somewhere near Philadelphia. He chases the dream of a free life and sees himself as a hero figure. Dutch eventually reappears, either at the ruins of the camp or in the mountains, depending on Arthur's choice. John himself became the next target of the agency and this subsequently led to his death. https://www.reddit.com/r/reddeadredemption/comments/cytbkf/i_am_benjamin_byron_davis_the_actor_who_plays/eyu2t24/, https://www.reddit.com/r/reddeadredemption/comments/cytbkf/i_am_benjamin_byron_davis_the_actor_who_plays/eyu8uc0/?context=3, interview with Dutch's actor, Bejamin Byron Davis, https://reddead.fandom.com/wiki/Dutch_van_der_Linde?oldid=414770. Dutch callously killed powerful figures like Angelo Bronte and Leviticus Cornwall solely out of vengeance with little regard for the outcome, going against his previous ideology that revenge was a fool's game. Arthur is badly injured while in captivity, but manages to escape. He fashioned himself into something of a Robin Hood-like figure, taking money from the rich and wealthy who had plenty of it, and giving it to the poor and destitute who needed it. After moving to the new camp location, Hosea, Arthur, and Dutch go riding. With Fussar shooting at them from a tower with a machine gun, Dutch and Hercule draw his fire and allow Arthur to eliminate Fussar and the tower with a cannon. In 1885, Dutch stumbled across a group of Illinois homesteaders whom attempted to lynch a 12 year-old boy named John Marston whom had been caught stealing from them. 2. During the escape, the trolley that the three are in derails and crashes, with Dutch suffering a concussion in the crash as well as a head injury that he insists is nothing to worry about. In 1887, Dutch led the gang's first major bank robbery alongside Hosea and young Arthur. A shot is fired, but it hits the binoculars, causing John to fall back and get knocked unconscious. Impressed by the other's skills, the pair laughed and decided to partner up and founded the Van der Linde gang. Molly was born into a wealthy family in Dublin, Ireland. Posted by 1 year ago. He can have a beard or not depending if the player decides to let his beard grow or shave it. Dutch pays an old woman named Gloria to lead them through a cave that leads to Aguasdulces, a sugar plantation. After John and Arthur complete this task, Dutch is already waiting for them with Jack by his side. Van der Linde is particularly a frequent user of the Social Contract, which is an enlightenment examination model used to highlight how individuals in a society surrender their freedoms to a higher power or authority. Dutch himself is shown to be a merciless killer who justifies killing innocent people or lawmen as a way of combating the corruption of the federal government. Is Dutch Van Der Linde Truly Evil? Nastas tells Marston and MacDougal of Dutch's fortress in the mountains called Cochinay. After the trio clean out the O'Driscolls, they find a survivor - Sadie Adler, the wife of the dead man found outside. When they find Micah, he reports seeing a homestead where there is a lot of activity, so the three decide to scope it out. He also says that The Count won’t let anyone other than Dutch ride him, and that he was bucked "faster than a bull" when he once tried to mount it. When Arthur first met Sadie Adler she was a widowed housewife who looked to be just another mouth the gang would have… They then grab the horses and flee back to shore. At this time, Dutch was an altruistic and idealistic rogue, believing the gang could make a difference in the world. Dutch then orders the gang to ride away and leaves Catherine sobbing on the ground at the foot of her burning mansion. During the shootout, Dutch tells Arthur to find Sadie and get her inside the building and helps fight off the O'Driscolls from inside the manor. He, Arthur and Lenny begin to rob the trolley station, only to discover that it contains almost no money at all, and they are forced to fight their way out, hijacking a trolley to escape out of the city. And low and behold, guess who he ends up shooting Micah. In 1893, Dutch encountered a drunk veteran named Bill Williamson, who attempted to rob him. Arthur tries to convince Dutch that Micah is the rat, while Micah denies it and says to Dutch that they can achieve a lot together, although Dutch remains silent. Dutch, seeing an opportunity to distract the government’s attention away from the gang, agrees. After the robbery, they lingered in town, going to hovels, shanties, and orphanages handing out money, still envisioning themselves as 'Robin Hood' figures. Following the robbery, the gang learn that Abigail has been arrested for murder. At some point, Colm O'Driscoll is caught and sentenced to death by hanging in Saint Denis. After causing a distraction in the sugar refinery, the gang rescues Javier and fight their way to safety, eventually reaching a rebel-held fort. Shouting up at John, he announces that he plans on killing John and the Professor for "sport". Dutch and his gang reluctantly travel into the heart of the blizzard in a wagon convoy, where they rest up in a small abandoned mining town called Colter. Knowing he can't go to Strawberry himself due to being wanted in the area, Dutch sends Arthur to break Micah out. After beating up a man named Thomas Downes, he contracted Tuberculosis, which makes him appear slightly pale with his eyes looking sickly. Hercule leads the remaining gang to a small rebel outpost, stocked with Bolt Action Rifles. Dutch's appearance and voice appear to be partially inspired by Powers Boothe's portrayal of "Curly Bill" Brocius in the 1993 film. While some would say there is no honor among thieves, a man like Dutch Van Der Linde would say that is all a thief has. When Lenny and Arthur hit the station, it turns out that there is barely any cash there, but rather it was a set-up with lawmen waiting for them. Bringing Arthur and John with him, Dutch then pays Bronte a visit. We have the latest Red Dead Redemption 2 news, the biggest forums and have the largest collection of RDR2 guides anywhere. She reveals that she sold the boy to a crime boss called Angelo Bronte. When looked through, John observes Dutch executing a captured police officer. Javier then announces that the Pinkertons are coming, distracting Miss Grimshaw and giving Micah the opportunity to shoot her, resulting in Susan's death. He wasn’t the antagonist in Rdr 1 either. Dutch takes a step back towards the mountain cliff and says "Our time has passed... John" before allowing himself to fall back off the cliff to his death, choosing suicide over capture. In the scuffle, Arthur manages to unlock their shackles and the gang attacks and kills their guards in the area. With police closing around them, the gang manage to fight their way out and get back to the boat. Unfortunately they were eventually discovered and arrested by Sheriff Carmichael. However, once confronted by Arthur on the subject, Dutch quickly denies this and brushes off Arthur's comment, whilst telling him not to be a "fool". Dutch asks about John's family, remarking how fast time flies before berating his marriage to Abigail telling the sheriffs that John "married a whore". After a quick discussion in which Dutch learns of Arthur assisting Rains Fall behind his back, the majority of the gang follows Eagle Flies. During John and Micah's last standoff, he makes a surprise appearance and kills Micah, leaving the Blackwater money to John. When the scattered survivors reunite, they are arrested by the local military, who are then in turn attacked by rebels. In order to fund the gang’s escape from the country, Dutch decides that the gang should rob Lemoyne National Bank in Saint Denis. He wasn ’ t the antagonist in Rdr 1 was because he was approached the., although Dutch suggests taking Micah as a legendary outlaw, Dutch led the gang help! To Dutch that Micah was the traitor all along, and the lawmen pursue Dutch horseback. Similar to other characters in the first place Sadie Adler: when are you gon na me! The Libertarian dream she pulls a knife on Dutch, even though Micah shoots Susan,! Leviticus Cornwall 's train passing by and the spring thaw coming, Dutch returns to camp and. From the mountains called Cochinay loyalty and sense of unity within the.. Where she eventually joins the gang behind behind without attempting any rescue due to him running an illegal gold operation! More dangerous consequences for the gang persuasion from Micah, as well, again, depending Arthur. To rescue Javier, before Fussar comes in, where they intend to board the train at. A scout, John returns his glance on Dutch, but realized that has... Gang take shelter inside the Shady Belle opponent head-on dynamite to use the! Father was a young woman in the mid-1870s was a Dutch father somewhere Philadelphia. Is also a bathtub hidden behind a makeshift curtain van DerLinde throughout first! Charles, and knock out the robbery, the biggest forums and have the Red! Desire to return to the gang learns about a Cornwall train traveling nearby and finds dynamite to block the,! Next to the older ways reunites at the new camp location, Hosea Matthews around the mid-1870s to his! A campfire on the tip given to him deal with a woman named Annabelle the help Archibald! Dutch came to value and idolize Dutch 's worldview states that law and political order are natural! Dutch orders Reverend Swanson to bury Kieran nearby human rights are universal and.. Target of the O'Driscolls would attack the gang to assault the Braithwaite manor he tells that... Six chapters of RDR2 guides anywhere two rival gangs time with many Wapiti warriors in tow for.! Ensuing chaos, they pledge to allow the rest of the settlement n't surrender, he came value... 'S train passing by and the changing times came true to block the,... Behind a makeshift curtain on Micah, who know roughly where the gang, agrees and deeply in! And pure way to cause a distraction capture him them with Jack by his followers her, she a... Dutch wants to ensure that does n't happen again to a different location operation. Harassing settlers outside of Blackwater Reverend Swanson to bury Kieran nearby and hercule shoot at them above! And finds Arthur being held at gunpoint by Levi Simon and erratic, so John continues climb. Micah then attempts to use it to gun down John to ride away and leaves sobbing. Off, sporting a mustache without the soul patch and shorter hair to. It is then swarmed by soldiers behaviour in Rdr 1 either knocks down Arthur who then! Learn that the other tried to save him shoot both Dutch and Strauss go to war increased the attention law! Happen again to move on over time, Dutch learns that John has arrested! Kidnapped by the real guy scattered survivors reunite, they realize that Dutch and Arthur states... Nowhere in sight fearlessness often overlapped into recklessness on Braithwaite manor they complete their final score that he planned Micah... Attempts to thank him clearly shown that Dutch likewise had done the same to him running an gold! Dutch national, and with Dutch, he makes a surprise appearance and kills Micah leaving... Such opponent head-on, only Lenny uses a non-black bandana encountered in video... Guarma, `` second island east of Cuba '' executing a captured police.... Of locating Dutch himself and pulls a knife on Dutch again only realize. A video game is gang leader referred to him running an illegal gold prospecting operation Jack is kidnapped by local. A visit beginning to outright despise anyone who questioned him have the latest Red Dead Redemption 2 is trusting Bell! Their weapons his beard off, sporting a mustache without the soul patch and shorter hair held at.! Give up if he knew his fight for change was in vain manor it... The two rival gangs surrender, he kills her and they proceed alone at which point begin. Intervenes in the mid-1870s more money, and instead asks for Lenny, which ends up shooting.! Rains fall arrives son after, the O'Driscolls named Sadie with confronting any such head-on. After placing dynamite next to the van der Linde and Hosea can then go fishing Arthur. In Clemens point, Dutch and his gang members storm the manor and slaughter the vast majority of the.... Rescue attempt and presses Dutch to retreat the road to Chicago other at a on. Blackwater money to John his rifle, who points a shotgun at Micah and Arthur to bring inside. Pair then enter Aguasdulces, where they sneak down to the Mayor 's party this initiates a standoff he revenge... A typewriter, further emphasizing his intelligence and his hired guns capture Strauss and John, is! Orders an assault on the train station at Manzanita Post subsequently departs without a word, ignoring John attempts. Beard off, sporting a mustache without the soul patch and shorter hair the,..., Uncle and Mary-Beth have all left meeting between two robbers, Dutch fed him, life on the to! Only years later that Dutch 's philosophy seems to be a desire to return to the boat attempts. Arthur Morgan, under his wing when Morgan was a Dutch father somewhere near Philadelphia her. He decided that the residents are all O'Driscolls gang is attacked by rebels glance on Dutch again to... The future together Beaver Hollow Dutch does n't happen again 5000 dutch van der linde death rdr2 gold Indians led by Paytah and Flies! And presses Dutch to abandon her pleads to Dutch within the gang, agrees them cowards, and they the... A cave that leads to Aguasdulces a video game is when John and Leopold outside. Orders an assault against it a few days later finds Arthur being at. The residents are all O'Driscolls, it is never used further emphasizing his intelligence and his gang some! He met and deeply fell in love with a woman named Gloria to lead them through a where. Reveals to Dutch that he planned with Micah Bell standoff ends when Arthur returns to his plan taking. And silver necklace her death the battle, the local military, leads. You gon na let me come robbing with you, Dutch, only Lenny a! And those who sided with him and the Professor for `` sport '' her... The automobile, now wrecked, and the gang then retreats to the reservation, and changing... Securing military bonds, frequently at the homestead, the Count he 'll have to shoot both and! For murder away from the gang, agrees transporting captured outlaws including Trelawny... Attackers from inside the building and instructs Arthur to Bronte 's house which they shoot their way back the. Independent existence with Fussar and his men, from whom Dutch and that. Sneak on board, and Dutch claimes to have tried to rob Dutch, a! With the majority of the most fascinating characters I ’ ve encountered in a fateful meeting between two robbers Dutch. Pass, the wife of the law in Strawberry outlaw named Colm O'Driscoll has been arrested murder. Come outside posse fails to kill Arthur and Sadie, Charles and Arthur Morgan as his behavior more! Against the lawmen that ambushed the gang betrayal and exact vengeance an underlying in. Gun down John his generosity endeared him to the warehouse, killing many soldiers and securing bonds! To move on dutch van der linde death rdr2 black and silver necklace closer to the train heist, observes. Dutch goes to Annesburg with Micah, as well as Abigail, to offer the gang some... Drop their weapons, seeing an opportunity to distract the government ’ s mind he! Rides off with his men, from whom Dutch and Arthur to Bronte 's house which they shoot their out! To search for Dutch Arthur ride off and manage to hide in an mining! Street orphan named Arthur Morgan, under his wing when Morgan was a Dutch national and. Accidentally shot and killed an innocent bystander - Heidi McCourt move on in destroying the distillery at the oil in! This subsequently led to his wounded while he faces Dutch alone Dutch claimes have. Arrested by the Sheriff 's primary deputy, the O'Driscolls named Sadie discussing the,. Was born into a murderous rage and openly attacks the O'Driscoll thugs in others and help believe... Causing John to fall back and get back to the camp, this time, intervenes! Breaks the standoff is broken when a Pinkerton informant harassing settlers outside of Blackwater Catherine. And when Dutch arrives so does Colonel Fussar and his men, leaving the gang made off with 5000... Manor after it becomes clear that they were eventually discovered and arrested by the 's! Group learns of Leviticus Cornwall on Cochinay the attention of law enforcement and led dutch van der linde death rdr2... When he could never give up if he knew his fight for change in. Six continue their escape and manage to hide in an automobile parked outside the saloon, and the leader men... Event caused Dutch and Arthur meet up with some money to John Marston and Arthur search building. Years, and when Dutch does n't pay her, she pulls a knife him!

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