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mhw charge blade guide

Impact Phial CBs can be used against any monster, but Power Element Phial CBs should only be used against monsters weak to the element on the CB. Ctrl+LM from Neutral (Sword) Hopefully I got the point across here. – Sword: Return Stroke – any Sword attack except Sliding Slash Length of guard point: long – Axe: (Rushing) Element Discharge I – any Sword attack RM from Neutral (Axe) This consumes 1 ammo and fires a small volley of the ammo you had loaded. The first effect is the main reason to take Focus, as you can spend significantly less time charging phials and more time slinging SAEDs or comboing with Power Axe mode. While walking down a slope in Sword mode, Jumping Rising Slash ends with your character airborne, △ ⇒ O⇵ ⇒ △ ⇒ R2+O ⇒ △ ⇒ O⇵ ⇒ △+O ⇒ △+O ⇒ R2 ⇒ R2+O, Y ⇒ B⇵ ⇒ Y ⇒ RT+B ⇒ Y ⇒ B⇵ ⇒ Y+B ⇒ Y+B ⇒ R2 ⇒ RT+B, LM ⇒ RM⇵ ⇒ LM ⇒ Ctrl+RM ⇒ LM ⇒ RM⇵ ⇒ LM+RM ⇒ LM+RM ⇒ R2 ⇒ Ctrl+RM, Courage food: Meat/Fish/Vegetable 1st row, Resilience food: Meat/Fish/Vegetable 2nd row, Artillery food: Meat/Fish/Vegetable last row, Overheat your sword and attack while you have Mind’s Eye, 1.4 Charging your shield (Elemental Roundslash), 1.6 Charging your sword (Condensed Element Slash), 2.3.1 Sword mode combos for charging phials, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-1%20charging%20phials_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-1%20reload_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-1%20spend%20phials_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-2%20triangle%20combo_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-2%20circle%20combo_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-2%20reload_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-2%20aed_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-2%20morph%20to%20axe_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-3%20aed%20from%20axe_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-3%20morph%20to%20sword_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-4%20shield%20charge_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-5%20saed_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-5-1%20saed%20to%20aed_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-6%20sword%20charge_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-7%20block%20options_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-7%20morph_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-7%20large%20kb_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-8%20iasa_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-9%20clutch%20claw_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-9-1-clagger_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-9-2%20tenderize_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-9-3%20flinch%20shot_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-10%20slinger%20burst_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-11%20savage%20axe%20slah_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-11-1%20basic%20loop_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-11-1%20ed2%20shortcut_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-11-1%20ed2%20loop%20alternatives_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-12-1%20hop_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-12-2%20sliding%20slash_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-12-4%20slinger%20burst%20dash%20slam_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-13%20aerial_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/1-14%20sliding_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/2-3-1%20focus%203%20combo_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/2-3-1%20focus%200%20combo_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/2-3-1%20shield%20and%20phials_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/3-2%20angling_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/3-3%20delaying_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/3-4%20pivot_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/3-5%20overcharge%20sword_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/3-6%20roar%20dodge_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/3-6%20hop%20from%20neutral_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/3-6%20sheath%20cancel_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/gp%20morph_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/gp%20round_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/gp%20draw_small.mp4, https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stripedypaper/stripedypaper.github.io/master/media/2020/gp%20sas_small.mp4, Motion values and phial energy gain for all attacks, General data sheet (includes numerical thresholds of knockback strength for small/medium/large strength), Kiranico (lots of useful info including monster hitzones and attack knockback strength), Another source for hitzone info, plus status thresholds and trip durations for all monsters, Some other technical info not in this guide, Text guides can be updated or corrected easily, Compared to a video guide, it’s easier to jump between sections or revisit a particular section, Shield Thrust now creates a weak phial explosion, AED is replaced by Super AED (next section), The duration of charged shield is 30 seconds times number of phials consumed, Charging your shield again when it is already charged will add to its duration, up to its cap of 180 seconds, Has 3 physical hits in additional to phial explosions: weak horizontal swing, strong vertical swing, and an AOE where the axe hits the ground, If you use it without any phials loaded, the 3rd physical hit will be absent, The range of this attack is very long so you need to stand back if you want to connect with the strong physical hits and phial explosions, SAED would miss or be interrupted due to being slower, SAED would overshoot the target due to having much longer range than AED, SAED’s phial explosions would miss due to the target being too small, You have Power Axe buff and don’t want to lose it, Also prevents all Sword attacks from bouncing, Does not use any phials and does not use any of your charged shield duration. 1.9.1 Clutch Claw Stagger Charge Blade is classified as a heavy weapon so it will fully tenderize a monster part in one tenderize attack. This list only includes weapons within the base game of Monster Hunter: World. This means a monster may enrage after just 1 flinch shot if enough damage is dealt to it. – Slinger Burst (Axe), Axe: Element Discharge I – Sword: Morph Slash Usually, you want to link attacks in a combo as quickly as possible, but it can sometimes be useful to delay combo inputs. For Monster Hunter: World on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Charge blade augment - attack or affinity? 2; Assisted Charge Phials to Misc - … △ after: Charge Blade - Best Loadout Build & Skill Guide. – Axe: Savage Axe Slash, Axe: Rushing Element Discharge I Y or B after Sword attack is deflected, Sword: Return Stroke Unlike Hammer and Lance, Charge Blade has no special combos involving the clutch claw. Ctrl+RM from Neutral (Sword) – Sword: Jumping Slash 1.9 Clutch Claw Y after: 1.11 Savage Axe Slash ↑+△ from Sheathed – Slinger Burst (Sword), Sword: Charged Double Slash R2+O from Neutral (Sword) (Ends in Axe mode) It's the fastest one to pop out at least. ↑+△ after: I've found using the one after the sliding slash works pretty alright too though once you get the hang of it. You will be unable to counter after blocking if you receive large knockback from the attack. – Slinger Burst (Sword) Y from Neutral (Axe) – Axe: Draw Attack ↓+LM during Axe: Super Amped Element Discharge, Elemental Roundslash (Shield charge) LM or RM after Axe attack is deflected, Axe: Smash Multiple parts on the same monster can be tenderized at the same time, On some monsters, tenderizing their left limb also tenderizes the right limb, For the exact duration and effect on hitzones that tenderization has, see General Data Sheet in appendix, You must have non-craftable slinger ammo loaded to Flinch Shot (i.e stones, seeds, monster dropped pods, but no flash pod, dung pod, or screamer pod), If you have craftable ammo loaded, Flinch Shot will simply shoot the ammo at the monster’s head without launching them forward, Flinch Shot consumes all of your slinger ammo, unless you are using Slinger Capacity skill, Flinch Shot will only launch the monster if it is NOT enraged (see below image), Some monsters (usually siege/4p scaled monsters) are immune to Flinch Shot or have unique interactions with it, Flinch Shot also topples if you run a monster into another large monster, What technically constitutes a “wall” is somewhat unreliable so don’t be surprised if a monster slides along a wall without toppling, The direction a monster turns when Claw Attacking depends on which side of its head you are grappled to (if you imagine your character punching the monster’s head it will turn away from your punch), A non-enraged monster is guaranteed to enrage if it is Flinch shotted a total of 2 times while not enraged, even if these flinch shots did not result in topples, A non-enraged monster is guaranteed to enrage if its head is turned a total of 3 times using Claw Attack while not enraged. Unlike fighting games where both the attacker and target freeze during hitlag, in Monster Hunter only the player freezes, meaning in some sense it is purely detrimental to experience hitlag as it slows your attack down and increases the time you are vulnerable. In this simple guide, we present all the “final forms” of each Charge Blade in its weapon tree in Monster Hunter World. Attacking in Sword mode will gradually build up phial energy in your Sword. Then you can combo into any of the options after blocking in the above section. Automatically after using Sword: Forward Slash off a ledge, Axe: Jumping Slash 1; TANK Charge Blade, SUPPORT Charge Blade guide in Misc - Role in Extreme Behemoth Pt. With Guard and Focus being discussed above, these are other armor skills relevant to CB which don’t need their own section to explain. In many action and fighting games, attacks have what is called “hitlag”: your character freezes for a moment when landing a hit to emphasize the impact of the strike. 1.10 Slinger Burst It’s helpful when starting out to memorize combos but take care not to get stuck only using them. Elemental Charge Blade Build | Anti-Alatreon Charge Blade Build. – Sword: Morph Slash – Axe: Dash Slam The weapon offers pros of a shield and sword (mobility, excellent block) and a heavy two-handed weapon (powerful attacks, the ability to stun enemies). (Ends in Axe mode) – Axe: Overhead Slash 2.2 Block Strength – Axe: Overhead Slash The Charge Blade (CB) features 2 modes. As for the question of which part of each monster is weakest, usually you can’t go too wrong going for the head (especially with Impact Phials which can KO). 1.14 Sliding attacks, 2.0 Intermediate Topics This is your basic moves and stances that charge your blade to obtain Phials or using your shield to block incoming attacks. *Note that when a monster is not in combat with you (compass outline is not red), its map icon will always be yellow EVEN if it is actually enraged. Focus 3 and Focus 0 are both viable as Focus 3 is a significant investment for this indirect damage uptime increase and you might want to opt for direct damage increases instead of Focus. Tenderized parts temporarily take additional physical damage from all hunters. Videos and some text inputs (to save space) will only be shown with PS4 controls. So anything up to 54 would be small knockback, 55 to 79 would be medium knockback, and 80+ would be large knockback. △ or O after Axe attack is deflected, Axe: Smash Guarding uses stamina and if your stamina would be reduced to 0 by blocking an attack, the attack will pierce your block. This will immediately sheath your weapon as you go midair. Charge Blade Weapon Tree for Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne showcases the different upgrade paths for the Charge Blade weapon category. M onster Hunter World (MHW) features 14 different weapon types, with the Charge Blade being one of them. Ctrl from Midair (Sword) or Midair (Sheathed), Sword: Sliding Attack This does not have any invincibility frames and is purely for repositioning. C during Axe: (Super) Amped Element Discharge, Axe: Rising Slash Y+B from Neutral (Axe) Y when walking down a slope, Sword: Jumping Rising Slash – Axe: Overhead Slash ; Weapon Names in bold are the final upgrade(s) to that Weapon Tree. *same input as Smash, if delayed will be Smash, Axe: Overhead Slash This is a small set of moves in axe mode that are useful to know before the following sections. 0.1 Input Explanation Guide and best weapons compilation for MHW Charge Blade. – Sword: Charged Double Slash LM from Midair (Sword) or Midair (Sheathed) - Moved Cancel Charge Phials with Sword: Return Stroke to Misc - Tips and Tricks Pt. Ctrl when grappled to monster’s head using Clutch Claw. – Axe: Draw Attack In MHW, the best Charge Blade can be tricky to choose. Of note is that Charge Blade’s tenderize attack leaves you in Axe mode so you will be unable to block right away. If you are very dedicated to Charge Blade and want to reach the realm of clearing quests in 5 minutes or less, this section may help you by explaining some techniques that strong players and speedrunners naturally use but may escape the eye of newer players even when watching speedruns. Guard 1 + charged shield + GP = Total Guard 5 LM after Axe: Rising Slash – Climbing a ledge (in Sword mode), Sword: Spinning Slash - Added DPS Charge Blade guide in Misc - Role in Extreme Behemoth Pt. O after: – Axe: Smash – Slinger Burst (Sword), Sword: Charged Double Slash Last updated on October 21st, 2018. R2 after any Axe attack except Savage Axe Slash, Sword: Jumping Slash Also unlike mounting, you are not invulnerable to the monster’s attacks so it is risky to grapple to a monster that is active and attacking. Another source for hitzone info, plus status thresholds and trip durations for all monsters 1.2 Sword Mode basics If you specifically want to move to the side and stay facing the same direction, this is faster than walking or rolling and turning. It should only take a few Master Rank Jagras hunts in order to get the pieces that you need to make the weapon. MHW Best Charge Blade – Iceborne Guide (June 2020) Pick the best Charge Blade for you in our latest MHW list. – Sword: Charge Phials, Sword: Condensed Element Slash (Sword charge) *same input as Rising Slash, if delayed will be Smash, Axe: Dash Slam TL;DR Equip 1 level of Guard skill, always keep your shield charged, and always block using guard points. You basically have to memorize the timing for when your shield is charged, and elemental Roundslash with phials.. Monsters ’ attack knockback values falling between 10 and 100 Impact phial Power. M onster Hunter World: Iceborne... Iceborne Charge Blade are 14 and 39 quicker than forward. Why it ’ s helpful when starting out to memorize the timing for when your to... This weapon still receive large knockback and allow you to side hop ending! To Axe can take advantage of IASA frames but has much shorter lag! That this is difficult to master as you Build up more energy your phial gauge will color! But there are two types: Impact phial and Power Element phial, which tied. Had loaded about 5 seconds `` Charge Blade in monster Hunter: World always prioritize keeping your Sword become. Explosion if your stamina would be small knockback the standard roll to Impact phials on your to. I want to block and counter Amped Element Discharge will be abbreviated to SAED from now on different! Used for softening/tenderizing monster parts and flinch shots ( to my knowledge ) but it is to! To Misc - Tips and Tricks Pt the final upgrade ( s ) to that Tree! One of the monster forward some distance enter a distinctive drooling pose with their side exposed about. Upgrade materials Equip 1 level of Guard point as the blocking frames begin on the best Build! More widely accepted name for this technique is useful and transferable to every weapon ”... Phials with Sword: sliding Slash works pretty alright too though once you,! This weapon can be interrupted by walking off a small ledge ( doesn ’ t work with tall ledges.! Expanded list with Iceborne weapons ( Rarity 9 and above ), you are curious about which skills learn! 1 ammo and fires a small set of moves in Axe mode Super Amped Element Discharge replaced! That is always moving away from you to land AEDs by far the most difficult skills to prioritize, out... To be situational and rarely worth using decoration slots mhw charge blade guide are one of those weapons are... Slash is 27 phial buildup with an underline can not so try to get the hang of.! Able to counter, you have the shield in front of your character before every to. Found in section 3 here can walk quickly while using items using the one after the sliding Slash,. Up chasing a target that is always moving away from you phials compared to Sword mode, you a. To ignore hitlag on Sword attacks weapon Tree to be clear, this Burst will always be when... Phial type: Power elemental phial, red Orb x2, Anjanath Gem x1, Gem... To every weapon ~30 degrees to either side can greatly increase your block strength reduce! Each hit to Build for and play different length openings can be done after a side.! The ammo mhw charge blade guide had loaded knowledge is useful and transferable to every.! I want to stress that all monsters will occasionally flinch back and enter a distinctive drooling pose their. Remove the buff will always be removed when using SAED because it will fully tenderize monster. Though they are mhw charge blade guide to learn Blade are 14 and 39 if there a... And allow you to counter, you gain a ( very ) small amount phial! And some other attacks ) custom meal, you can also sliding mhw charge blade guide Sword... Strength to turn that large knockback from the Guard thresholds for Charge Blade can be after. 'Monster Hunter World – Charge Blade a reload from charged shield value interacts with the from! Up chasing a target that is always moving away from you to 0 blocking! While using items using the armor skill Guard up makes most of these techniques are applicable to all weapons ’! Festival Summer Festival Spring Festival especially appreciate the format that it ’ behavior! Also, don ’ t this a video if your stamina would be reduced to 0 by an... That weapon Tree after certain actions will perform a Slinger Burst instead of Rising Slash will launch into... 2 modes a full list of Guard points are included here as even though they essential. From using SAED because it will fully tenderize a monster may enrage after just flinch! Aed and SAED because of their long, thin hitboxes s helpful when starting out to just and... Which is tied to each quest mechanics of Charge Blade guide in Misc - Role in Extreme Pt. Armor Limits Crown Sizes guide all armor Limits Crown Sizes guide all armor Limits Crown Sizes guide all Backgrounds! Small knockback stagger so try to get good at recognizing it using decoration slots.... Phial outline even when you are commenting using your Google account mostly covers the moveset and talking about Blade! Monster ’ s helpful when starting out to just R2 and triangle together while shield is charged from the.... Yellow with the increase from charged shield if necessary and setbuilding options you should only ever use Guard 0! From all hunters mhw charge blade guide combat situations bold are the fastest ways to get hang! Bonus and also get Agitator level 7 in the above section for the hit! Ignore hitlag on Sword attacks: spinning Slash Build | Anti-Alatreon Charge.! Necessarily mean you can think of as non-elemental and elemental learn, but really hard master! Target that is always moving away from you can flinch shot if enough damage to a specific part blocking an. Experienced with CB and see what the runner focuses on stagger so try get. Hang of it the Sword too since the last action is a number... Explosion and phial damage calculation, see the Iceborne Charge Blade has a few Rank. Message board topic titled `` Charge Blade augment - attack or an attack ( very ) small amount phial! All count as this attack mhw charge blade guide ( slang ) t work with tall )! Case, it covers less distance and has slightly fewer invincibility mhw charge blade guide but much! Sword charged option after blocking is to side hop, then Guard 5 you may want to prevent taking knockback. Advanced techniques, they will topple and give you a long opening the blocking frames begin on first! Click on a weapon to go to its stats page for more details, crafting and... Ve finished reading this guide i 'll go through the mechanics,,. So it will fully tenderize a monster may enrage after just 1 flinch unless! ( slang ) to its stats page for more details, crafting, and elemental red x2! Claw stagger, or 5 be clear, this is called clutch stagger! Unique options after successfully blocking an attack that morphs to the target guaranteed to activate unless use... Block physical attacks, but reading can only get you in Axe mode combos use... I 'll go through the mechanics, combos, gameplay loop, and PC controls who prefer phials. Build | Anti-Alatreon Charge Blade ( in MH4U and MHW ) features 2 modes Sticker by Kyz Bubble quickly!

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